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SpaceClaim's Story

Humanity evolves because we innovate and build tools to overcome obstacles in our lives. It’s the foundation of society, no matter which corner of the world you live in. We enjoy and take pride in our ability to overcome our obstacles by bringing our ideas into reality.

At SpaceClaim, we believe that technology shouldn’t hinder the innovation of new ideas, nor should it get in the way of developing high quality tools. Technology should accelerate and evolve our ability to work better and more efficiently.  More importantly, the processes of creating and producing shouldn’t be stripped of their inherent enjoyment, especially by the very technology developed to support it.

In the beginning, we evaluated a number of product development workflows - from concept modeling to production – and discovered areas along the spectrum desperate for improvement. We set out to develop solutions that make the entire workflow run more smoothly while supporting the user in an easy, rewarding, yet powerful way. 

Our Mission

To revolutionize product development and manufacturing workflows by enabling engineers to work faster while rediscovering the rewarding nature of bringing their ideas to production.

In May 2014, SpaceClaim was acquired by ANSYS, Inc


SpaceClaim is headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, with offices in the UK, France, Germany, and Japan, and is represented throughout the world by a network of authorized resellers.  Contact us today.