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SpaceClaim has a world-class team of prominent executives with unrivaled experience in bringing 3D modeling software to market.

Executive Biographies

Daniel Dean, Senior Vice President of Research and Development

Daniel Dean leads SpaceClaim’s team of world-class engineers dedicated to new technical innovation in 3D mechanical design. Dean is responsible for all aspects of SpaceClaim product development, including research, product definition, development, quality assurance, documentation, and release. Previously, Dean was a co-founder of PTC, where he pioneered parametric feature-based solid modeling, a technology that has formed the basis of all major 3D CAD systems. As Vice President of Mechanical Applications at PTC, Dean led the team responsible for developing the data model, architecture, and functional logic of all end-user deliverables across multiple product lines, from parts and assemblies to manufacturing, sketching, and cabling. Prior to joining PTC, Dean was introduced to 3D CAD/CAM as a software engineer at Applicon. Dean holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Engineering from Cornell University.

Rich Moore, Vice President of Business Development

Rich Moore imparts successful executive leadership, including CAD/CAM and CAE sales expertise, to his role as SpaceClaim’s Vice President of Business Development. Prior to joining SpaceClaim, Moore was President and CEO of IDe, Product Portfolio Management. Previously, as Vice President and General Manager of the Americas for Computervision Corporation, Moore helped increase the CAD/CAM company’s revenue by 50 percent, leading to its acquisition by PTC. Earlier, at MSC Software Corp., Moore helped the publicly traded company achieve a 35 percent market share in the competitive CAE market segment. He has also held senior management posts at Alias Research and Aries Technology and served on the board of MIT’s Center for Innovation in Product Development and as Vice Chair of the Product Development Management Association Supplier Advisory Council. Moore earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Lindenwood University.

Frank DeSimone, Vice President of Software Development

Frank DeSimone draws on his extensive strategic and technical experience to oversee the design and production of SpaceClaim's product line, working directly with the development team as they continually enhance the software. Prior, DeSimone was SpaceClaim's Director of Product Definition, a position he held upon joining the Company at its founding in 2006. DeSimone previously held product management and design positions at PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation), including playing an integral role in the development of PTC's Wildfire user interface, and becoming a strong proponent of creating software that is easy to use and intuitive. DeSimone earlier held positions at Boston Digital, designing castings and sheet metal for milling machines. He holds Bachelor degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, with a Design concentration, and in Literature, with a Russian concentration.