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3D Direct Modeling Optimized for CAE

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Upfront CFD for multi-tasking engineers

CFdesign and SpaceClaim make it possible for engineers without CFD (computational fluid dynamics) expertise to successfully study flow and thermal product performance before resorting to costly and time consuming physical prototypes. SpaceClaim’s simple-to-use toolset lets you efficiently create new concept models and prepare existing models for analysis. Because SpaceClaim and CFdesign are fully associative, each design change you make in SpaceClaim is immediately displayed in CFdesign, allowing you to conduct multiple design studies using the setup information from the first analysis.

Removing Barriers from Design to Analysis

Do you need to create quick designs for conceptual analysis?
SpaceClaim allows you to sketch anywhere on the design, so you make your designs in real time, as you think of them.

Have constraints and regeneration failures prevented you from simplifying and preparing models for analysis?
With it's streamlined user interface and powerful editing and de-featuring tools, SpaceClaim lets you do the job regardless of the file format and without regeneration failures.

Have you ever needed to quickly identify and fix part gaps and interferences?
SpaceClaim’s quick interference-checking tools and part and assembly cross-section modification make finding and fixing models so easy you can do it with just a few mouse clicks.

Have you experienced interoperability problems or struggled with CAD files?
SpaceClaim’s powerful import and export capabilities open all major native CAD and neutral file formats.


SpaceClaim’s full associative integration with CFdesign means you get:

• Freedom from design constraints (no importing geometry)
• More creative work environment (use initial analysis setup on multiple design iterations)
• Faster project completion (automatically generates the optimal mesh and flow volume meaning you get access to first-pass simulation results within minutes.

About CFdesign

CFdesign from Blue Ridge Numerics was built from the ground-up for the mechanical design engineer who creates new product concepts in a CAD centric product development process. CFdesign is all about doing virtual design studies, if you are considering a broad spectrum of design possibilities to achieve the optimal design and looking to add flow and thermal simulation to the mix, without being a dedicated analyst, then CFdesign is a great tool for you and your company.