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3D Software every machinist or manufacturing engineer needs: SpaceClaim for manufacturing applications

In this webinar we'll explore ANSYS SpaceClaim in the context of mold design. However, the same functionality we'll show reduces geometry bottlenecks regardless of the manufacturing stage or operation. In other words, whenever a geometry footprint exists, increased efficiencies are now possible.

You'll see the usefulness of SpaceClaim for::

  • Importing and repair of virtually all 3D CAD file types
  • Optimizing solid modeling of molds or diecast tooling
  • Preparing solid and surface geometry for subsequent machining operations
  • Rapid jig and fixture creation
  • Prepping STL files for CAS (collision avoidance systems)

Be sure to try our new cloud based trial functionality called "Try It Now". Pass this link along friends and colleagues that benefit from the time savings ANSYS SpaceClaim offers. Access it here:

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