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Never Let Faceted Data Slow You Down: SpaceClaim for 3-D Printing and STL ApplicationsDevelop3D Screenshot

As the prevalence of STL files and faceted data increases, so too does the need for enhanced STL file manipulation capabilities. Whether optimizing an STL for 3-D printing or cleaning up scanned data for a subsequent manufacturing operation, SpaceClaim has developed best-in-class hybrid modeling tools for repairing, editing, and optimizing CAD and STL files alike. SpaceClaim's popular STL Prep for 3D Printing module prepares models for 3D printing efficiently and easily by offering a single solution that not only repairs files, but modifies and optimizes faceted data with ease. The capabilities in this module extend SpaceClaim's intuitive interface, speed, and ability to work with any major 3D format into the 3-D printing world.

In this webinar you will see SpaceClaim:

  • Repair broken STL files to a watertight state
  • Modify faceted data with tools like Pull and Move
  • Create custom infills for strength to weight optimization
  • Shrinkwrap dirty STL or complex CAD files for downstream use

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