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Introducing ANSYS™ SpaceClaim 2015

We are excited to announce the newest release of our software — ANSYS SpaceClaim 2015. Over the past year, our team has made working with geometry even better, allowing you to create, edit and repair 3D models without worrying about the technology. We’ve addressed customer concerns and growing trends while refining our core features to provide the best 3D modeling solution.

This webinar will provide an overview of what’s new in the 2015 release, including advancements in:

  • 3D Printing/Faceted Model Editing — speed up time to print with cleanup, smoothing, and analysis tools

  • Simulation — shorten time to analysis with new geometry repair tools, locally controlled imprinting, and faster transfer speeds to ANSYS Workbench.

  • Manufacturing — prepare parts for machining with automated relief creation, basic tool path extraction, and sheet metal design tools

  • Design/UI — increase design productivity with performance improvements, multiple tool upgrades, and new reverse engineering functions

Sign up today to see a glimpse of the new features and advancements of ANSYS SpaceClaim 2015.

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