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ANSYS SpaceClaim: Forward Thinking in Reverse Engineering

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ANSYS SpaceClaim is the easiest 3D tool to use on the market today. Users find not only the simplicity but the versatility and speed unprecedented. Built on the direct modeling technology, models are easily created and edited by interacting with the geometry. Never forced to think like a programmer, you are free to make edits and change your mind with ease.

Try out reverse engineering in ANSYS SpaceClaim:

  1. Recreate highly organic shapes
  2. Create detailed, editable surfaces from any scanned shape
  3. Accurately snap surfaces and curves to facets
  4. Rapidly blend period loops of cross sections for accurate reconstruction
  5. Use deviation tools to verify precision of reverse engineering surfaces

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Should you require assistance, or if we can answer any questions, please contact SpaceClaim Sales at 1-800-950-1649 or 1-978-482-2148.