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Advanced Geometry Repair

Nearly every model sent to a shop floor needs to be repaired in order to be machined correctly. You’ve seen and most likely experienced for yourself how easy it is to clean up 3D models in ANSYS SpaceClaim. But, what about those unruly models that can be a source of frustration for your engineers and machinists? 

In this webinar, we will show you how advanced geometry repair is possible – and fast! – with ANSYS SpaceClaim’s easy-to-use software. Some repair and editing features include:

  • Analyzing, editing, and repairing solids directly, no matter the file type
  • Making watertight solids from unconnected surfaces
  • Fixing problems introduced through data translation

Tune in to see how SpaceClaim’s powerful advanced repair tools for dirty geometry minimize downtime and frustration on your shop floor. 

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