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CADRA and SpaceClaim: The Best Integrated Solution of 2D and 3D for Any Engineer

Have you ever noticed that some CAD vendors seem to think that 2D data doesn’t exist, and that everything must be done in 3D?  CADRA and SpaceClaim realize a powerful combination of design, drafting and solid modeling capabilities gives you extraordinarily productive and cost-effective CAD/CAM tools.  Engineers working in 3D who require full-featured detail drafting capability can conceptually design in SpaceClaim Engineer and then produce all of the required engineering drawings in CADRA Design Drafting.

Using CADRA for SpaceClaim, you’ll solve every day 2D/3D engineering workflow problems and see 50%-300% improvements in engineering and manufacturing workflows.   In particular, we’ll show:

  • The seamless integration between CADRA 2D and SpaceClaim 3D
  • Effortlessly going from 2D to 3D in a blink of an eye using the CADRA for SpaceClaim integration
  • The advantages and benefits of having a SpaceClaim 3D CAD model
  • Creating final detailed documentation of the SpaceClaim 3D CAD model using CADRA’s Design Drafting package
  • How this powerful CADRA-SpaceClaim integration accelerates product development, creativity, and quality

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