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Faster Reverse Engineering with ANSYS SpaceClaim 2016

ANSYS SpaceClaim 2016 Speeds Up Time to Solid Model

ANSYS SpaceClaim is the fastest platform for working with geometry, reverse engineering old parts or editing dirty scanned data. With the release of ANSYS SpaceClaim 2016, we deliver 10x faster 3D modeling than any other product on the market today.

ANSYS SpaceClaim reverse engineering customers will speed up their time to a solid model with 10x performance improvements and more tools for faster geometry creation and editing. ANSYS SpaceClaim empowers customers to realize efficiency gains within their reverse engineering workflow with our new Skin Surfacing tool that allows users to:

  • Create accurate surface geometry from any faceted file
  • Leverage simple facet selections to automate surfacing
  • Create a blended solid model from cross sections
  • Reverse engineer simple and complex models alike, including organic shapes!

Watch this 2 minute video to see Skin Surfacing in action and realize how ANSYS SpaceClaim 2016 helps you cut down your time to solid models!
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