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Forward Thinking in Reverse Engineering: 

If you are not reverse engineering scanned or mesh data in minutes, then this July 21st webinar will show you how. Sign up today

A decade ago, reverse engineering tools were not widely accepted in the industry as scanning technology was just beginning to accelerate. Today however, the usefullness of these tools stretches beyond the re-creation of scanned objects into the optimization of designs. As modern scanning and topology optimization techniques continues to output mesh data, the need for converting this data to precise CAD files is greater than ever.

As it relates to the reverse engineering of mesh, faceted, or scanned data, users need a powerful tool that builds solid or surface geometry while consuming as little time and mindshare as possible. ANSYS SpaceClaim continues to develop ground breaking 3D tools that accomplish these tasks.

The newest tool called Skin Surface is the latest advancement in rapid recreation of prismatic or highly organic shapes. Skin Surface essentially does the heavy lifting of reverse engineering for the user, while providing instant feedback and options to achieving the end goal of geometry recreation. In keeping an ANSYS SpaceClaim tradition of minimal tools and maximum functionality, users will come to appreciate the broad scope and usefullness of Skin Surface across a variety of mesh file shapes and sizes. Adding Skin Surface to the suite of already powerful reverse engineering tools in ANSYS SpaceClaim makes this total solution second to none.

Join us for our July 21st webinar as we explore the reverse engineering capabilities in ANSYS SpaceClaim. 

Benefits of using ANSYS SpaceClaim

  • Easy to learn and use — No formal training required
  • CAD neutral — Opens and edits STEP and other CAD files
  • Free of constraints, rebuild errors, or complicated modeling techniques
  • Software that lets engineers model the way they think

Watch this video to learn about ANSYS SpaceClaim's reverse engineering tools!

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