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Dirty Geometry: What You Need to Know

Sometimes you can tell when your geometry has problems, sometimes you can’t.  Either way, it can cause all sorts of problems.  It can cause meshes to blow up.  It can cause CAM tools to go awry.  Many solid modeling operations fail because they happen on parts that have invisible geometry problems.  And some days, you open a part from a customer, and it comes in as a bunch of curves or surfaces.  How can you provide feedback on that?

At SpaceClaim, we’re well aware of the struggle designers, engineers, and machinists have every day with dirty geometry.  That’s why we build the easiest-to-use geometry clean up tool in the history of 3D.  It works like a spell checker, identifying problems and suggesting solutions, helping you get the job done 10x faster than with traditional CAD.

In this webinar, we’ll show you the full set of SpaceClaim model repair capabilities, including:

  • How to sew up surface models into watertight solids
  • Eliminating gaps and filling missing faces
  • Detecting duplicate geometry, split edges and faces, and extra edges
  • Reusing 2D curve data and approximating polyline data

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