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Don’t Let CAD Crash Your CNC!

CAD geometry, even from the latest CAD systems, can have dangerous problems that can damage your hardware. Invisible errors and gaps between surfaces can turn into nasty surprises in G-Code.  Validation tools and tool path verification can help, but it’s hard to model and catch everything.  And what about 2D data with gaps, scan data, and mesh files from imprecise systems like SketchUp? 

This webinar will show how SpaceClam can turn almost any CAD data into precise geometry worthy of machining.  In particular, we will show:

• How to detect and remove potentially dangerous geometry
• How to turn scan data into precise solids
• How to create annotated 2D drawings out of parts with 3D PMI
• How to turn sloppy 2D drawings into 3D solid parts
• How to turn lightweight 3D data, such as that from SketchUp, into precise solids

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