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SpaceClaim Direct Modeling Challenge - Bring it on!

You may be the lucky winner - $250 Amazon.com gift certificate

Submission Deadline - July 15, 2009


Got a modeling problem that's driving you crazy?
Want to know how direct modeling can solve it?

Every day, engineers send us their design problems to see how we can solve them in SpaceClaim. Now, we're bringing the challenge and the solution to you.

Challenge us! 
If you have a modeling challenge, we want you to bring it on - to us! Whether your challenge is focused on conceptual engineering, CAE/model preparation, industrial design, or manufacturing engineering, we want you to send it to us. Through a live webinar on July 29th, we'll demonstrate how SpaceClaim 3D Direct Modeling will solve the most compelling design problem we receive. We'll show you how to face your challenge head-on, in a way you've never imagined - easily, freely, and without frustration!

Submit your files.* It's easy!
By Wednesday, July 15th, submit the files* related to your modeling challenge to SpaceClaim:

  1. "Select a File to Upload" field:  Select and upload your file(s).
  2. "Your E-mail" field:  Provide your email address.
  3. "Your Name" field:  Provide your first and last name.
  4. "Send To" pull down menu:  Select "Direct Modeling Challenge"
  5. "Optional Message":  To qualify for this challenge, you must provide a brief explanation about your challenge, as well as your telephone number (so that we may contact you directly).
  6. Select the "Process Upload" button.

Submit NOW!

* By submitting your model for this challenge, you are giving SpaceClaim Corporation the right to use it any way in which we desire. We will not disclose to anyone outside of SpaceClaim the actual 3D data, but we do reserve the right to use this model and any associated imagery in various marketing programs, on our website, and as an example of the kinds of models SpaceClaim is able to create and modify.

Win a $250 Amazon.com gift certificate!
After July 15th, the individual who provides the most challenging and intriguing model will be notified and awarded a $250 Amazon.com gift certificate. The winning challenge will be announced at the start of the webinar.

Live Webinar Details
Please note that submitting files for the challenge does not automatically register you for the webinar. So be sure to register!

Direct Modeling Challenge
Wednesday, July 29, 2009
12:00 - 12:30 p.m. (EDT)

Register NOW!