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Geometry Prep for EDM

EDM is no longer a niche manufacturing process used by a few shops here and there.  It’s a valuable process that can now be used by all job shops.  One problem that can stymie your EDM use however, is geometry.  The sinker still needs to be created and faces frequently need to be offset to allow for x,y,z movement when removing material.  SpaceClaim is an ideal tool for this because it takes in geometry from many formats and allows you to prep it for your MFG process. Reserve your seat to learn how creating an electrode from a CAD file is 5x faster using SpaceClaim.

In this webinar you’ll see how to:

  • Bring in files from various sources
  • Prepare tooling for EDM use
  • Offset faces off imported geometry
  • Improve your MFG speed by 20%

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