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Webinar Recording: Geometry Manipulation in the Automotive Industry – A Look at How ANSYS SpaceClaim Can Help

Faced with growing fuel costs and environmental concerns, automotive manufacturers must re-evaluate current vehicle systems and ultimately develop viable designs to adhere to government regulations and to stay competitive in an ever evolving industry.

ANSYS SpaceClaim is the perfect solution for geometry manipulation in the automotive industry. In this webinar, we’ll show you how you can leverage SpaceClaim for:

  • CAE prep of complex geometry, including defeaturing and editing of large complex assemblies such as engines and peripherals as well as geometry simplification of intricate components such as headlamps and suspension knuckles
  • And more!
  • Fast reverse engineering for topology optimization
  • Ensuring successful 3D prints with easy to use 3D printing prep tools including direct editing of solid and faceted models

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