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Protecting IP and Creating Customer View Models with SpaceClaim

Your production CAD models are one of your department’s most valuable assets, precisely defining your company’s products. It’s the best way to communicate with your customers and suppliers, but sharing the wrong data can reveal proprietary IP or valuable trade secrets and the data they actually need is probably a small fraction of what is convenient to send.  How can you communicate in 3D outside the firewall without putting critical engineering assets at risk? Engineers throughout the supply chain use SpaceClaim to turn heavy-duty CAD data into simple but precise customer view models using SpaceClaim’s production-proven set of model preparation tools.

This webinar will show you how SpaceClaim can: Open CAD data from almost every CAD system, without incorporating generating equations and other IP-revealing design intent; Identify and remove rounds, holes, and other small features that will be irrelevant to your customers; Extract outside-only versions of your products, hiding all proprietary information inside; Detect and remove leaks, clearances, and interferences to seal up your designs into water-tight volumes and Detune sensitive geometry that contains valuable IP, such as splines and involutes, analysis-generated surfaces, and styling.

SpaceClaim’s model preparation tools have already started to change how sales engineers and supplier management thinks about geometry.  Register for this webinar to see the state-of-the-art for yourself.

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