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Mold and Die, Fast and Easy

Tooling geometry is hard work.  Rounds and drafts are complex to model.  Parting surfaces are difficult to create.  And CAD parts often require changes, which can be a real challenge, even if they load correctly in your system.  If the geometry is dirty, sometimes you have to start from scratch.

SpaceClaim offers a better way to make tooling – one that’s so fast and easy you’ll wonder why you ever tried to do it in traditional CAD systems.  Most mold and die customers find that SpaceClaim can do the same work in half the time, letting you take on more work. SpaceClaim also reduces your dependence on expensive CAD systems, saving you money. 

In this webinar, we’ll show you how SpaceClaim:

  • Opens edits parts from any CAD system
  • Fixes problems with dirty geometry
  • Easily extracts cores and creates tooling around CAD models
  • Can draft, un-draft, check draft, and create parting curves at specified angles
  • Is fast and easy to use; no extensive training required

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    Video: Top 10 Reasons to Use SpaceClaim

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