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Top 5 Ways SpaceClaim is Indispensable for CAE

Discover how SpaceClaim enables 2-5x time savings in CAE model prep

Designers rarely model for simulation, so analysts often need to modify CAD files and geometry becomes the biggest bottleneck.  SpaceClaim enables analysts to remove this bottleneck because SpaceClaim is faster than any tool on the market and is specifically designed to edit, repair and prepare geometry for CAE.

Discover why SpaceClaim is indispensable for structural and fluid analysis with two videos that highlight how SpaceClaim can easily;

  • Open files from any CAD system,
  • Remove features, like rounds and holes, that lead to low quality mesh generation,
  • Clean up and repair dirty geometry,
  • Create parameters on imported geometry to enable optimization of designs through analysis,
  • Extract mid surfaces, beams and shells from solid models to enable efficient meshing and solving,
  • Extract volumes for CFD analysis.

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