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Painless CFD Creation with SpaceClaim

Fluid analysis is all about opposites.  Analysts need to look at the fluid inside the pump, not the pump itself, or the air moving around the wing, not the wing itself.  Designers don’t provide the geometry needed to the analyst to get their job done.  Analysts need CAD for CAE where there are push button solutions to create the geometry they need. Using SpaceClaim will result in a 2-5x improvement in CAE model prep.

SpaceClaim helps CFD users:

  • Prepare geometry for simulation twice as fast as before
  • Reuse, not remodel CAD geometries for outer and inner fluid volumes
  • Reduce iteration loops by not relying on the CAD team

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Should you require assistance, or if we can answer any questions, please contact SpaceClaim Sales at 1-800-950-1649 or 1-978-482-2148.