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Prepping Geometry for Aerospace and Defense using ANSYS SpaceClaim

Analysts working in Aerospace and Defense are constantly working with different engineering teams and can get geometry sent to them in all kinds of formats. With geometry cleanup often times taking a large amount of their time, better preprocessors that can work with files from anywhere are a must. ANSYS SpaceClaim allows users to import and repair geometry from just about anywhere. It's an easy to learn, easy to use tool that lets analysts focus their time and effort on solving, not geometry.

In this webinar we'll show:

  • Importing from neutral and native formats like Iges and Catia

  • Repairing models into watertight solids

  • Adding driving parameters to dumb imported models

  • Re-engineering physical parts to create 3D models

  • Automatically connect to ANSYS Workbench with bidirectional associativity

SpaceClaim 2015 Repair  

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