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SpaceClaim Sheet Metal: More than your CAD tool has ever provided

SpaceClaim's sheet metal capabilities enable machinists to focus on getting parts ready for production. Import data from virtually any CAD system from your customer and turn it into a flat pattern using SpaceClaim's powerful sheet metal environment. SpaceClaim will allow you to: rapidly convert your existing data into unfoldable, solid 3D designs; optimize flat pattern geometry; adjust thickness and material properties at any time; and use our cutting edge double wall and hinge features. Register for this webinar to learn how SpaceClaim's sheet metal capabilities will help you get parts out the door faster and reduce costs by replacing solid parts with sheet metal designs.

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Should you require assistance, or if we can answer any questions, please contact SpaceClaim Sales at 1-800-950-1649 or 1-978-482-2148.