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Making Prep for Signal Integrity Analysis Easy

Geometry is complex and often times in signal integrity analysis, parts and assemblies can be drastically simplified in order to reach a solution faster. The challenge is that it's hard for design engineers to prep models for analysis without being signal integrity experts, and up until now there hasn't been a tool specifically designed for geometry preprocessing. Whether you're using HFSS or CST, SpaceClaim will solve these challenges by giving analysts the power they need to edit, repair and prepare geometry for signal integrity analysis, without having to be CAD experts.

In this webinar we'll show how SpaceClaim enables you to;

  • Remove unnecessary details
  • Create proper contact between models
  • Clean up and repair dirty geometry
  • Cut solving times in half

Watch the webinar to see how SpaceClaim enables 2-5x time savings in model prep time.

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Should you require assistance, or if we can answer any questions, please contact SpaceClaim Sales at 1-800-950-1649 or 1-978-482-2148.