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Leverage the Power of SpaceClaim’s Direct Modeling for Concept Modeling

During ongoing or new projects it is important to be able to generate models of concepts very quickly to brainstorm new ideas. One of a designer’s biggest headaches is struggling with a feature tree and having to start all over again and again because of changes made halfway through the design process. It’s time wasted on re-work as opposed to testing new ideas.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how creating concept models in SpaceClaim can be simple and efficient. With SpaceClaim you can:

  • Design multiple concepts from scratch and evaluate them in the time it takes to use more traditional software platforms

  • Easily change your mind and edit the model without starting over or restructuring features

  • Send the concept for testing to determine if the part solves the problem

  • Easily communicate your design in a 3D environment using a number of tools including: 3D Mark-up; 3D PDF; LiveReview, and others

Sign up today to learn how you can save yourself time and headaches by creating concepts with SpaceClaim.

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