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How to Leverage SpaceClaim for Structural Analysis Pre-Processing

Companies rely on ANSYS to rapidly solve complex structural engineering problems with ease. Yet, FEA analysts spend a larger percentage of time preparing and fixing geometry for analysis than they would prefer, slowing down the simulation workflow. Or, analysts are expected to rely on the CAD experts to prepare geometry for analysis, an inefficient back and forth process which creates a CAD bottleneck.

SpaceClaim's direct modeling solution speeds up time to analysis by putting simulation engineers in control of geometry, thereby removing the bottleneck. In this webinar, we will show you how SpaceClaim easily allows you to pre-process models through:

  • Removal of rounds or small/irrelevant features

  • Edit and modify imported models

  • Merge faces to improve meshing

  • Automatically perform an analysis of the design variation in ANSYS Workbench

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