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SpaceClaim and SimWise 4D: The Future of Simulation

Design Simulation Technologies (DST) and SpaceClaim are working together to provide the best motion analysis solution to the engineering community.  DST has developed an interface between SpaceClaim and SimWise 4D that transfers SpaceClaim geometry and assembly constraints in an associative manner to SimWise 4D.  SimWise 4D offers mainstream simulation capabilities in a package that is designed and priced to be used by regular engineers, not high end analysts.  Users of both tools will now be able to create, assemble, and analyze their models to answer real world questions like "Does my design work?" and "Will it break?" all without having to know the intricacies of the underlying technologies.

The SpaceClaim – SimWise 4D integration provides the user:

  • The fastest geometry creation and assembly tools on the market
  • FEA that works directly on the loads generated by the motion simulation
  • Integration with Matlab/Simulink to allow control systems to be integrated with the motion simulation and co-simulated
  • Rendering and keyframe animation capabilities for sophisticated simulation results review

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