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SpaceClaim on the Shop Floor: Tricks for Integrating 2D and 3D Data

Have you ever noticed that some CAD vendors seem to think that 2D data doesn’t exist, and that everything must be done in 3D?  At SpaceClaim, we know that many manufacturing workflows rely on 2D, and that 2D drawings often need to get integrated with 3D models from other CAD systems.  SpaceClaim has a ton of useful tools that solve every day 2D/3D shop floor hassles, and now we’re showing them off all in one place.

In particular, we’ll show how to:

• Clean dirty 2D imports for design and MFG
• Easily go from 2D DWG/DXF to 3D in a blink of an eye
• Go from a dumb solid from any CAD system to a printed hole table in ten clicks
• Make a sheet metal flat pattern from an imported CAD concept
• Import a v5 or JT part with PMI and turn it into a detailed 2D drawing you can print

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