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Webinar Recording: Stop the Headaches of Design: Use ANSYS SpaceClaim

In the beginning stages of design, the ability to design creatively and without technological constraint is critical. More often than not, however, early design occurs in an environment where it is assumed design intent is already realized, thus creating an atmosphere of frustration as users try to pigeonhole ideas into a platform built for documentation. Even when design intent is realized, working in a constrained environment can slow down productivity without providing any real benefits to the workflow.

Join us for this webinar about ANSYS SpaceClaim’s intuitive and simple interface that provides for you the freedom to:

  • Create and edit geometry multiple times, without the fear of a feature rebuild error
  • Import and edit files from nearly any CAD system
  • Easily make unplanned changes or “undo” recent edits
  • Creatively explore ideas and find the ideal design for your project
  • Easily communicate design specifications with: BOM; rendered designs in KeyShot; Drawings; Engaging design reviews with LiveReview; and more

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