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Take The Red Pill - See The Truth About 3D Geometry

For years, Big CAD has dictated what your process looks like, who can work with geometry, and how your company can model, edit or repair in 3D. Engineers no longer need to accept the limits of parametric CAD and instead can open their eyes to new possibilities in 3D mechanical design. Justin Hendrickson talks about how SpaceClaim is accelerating product design, prototyping and development by taking 3D geometry from the domain of a select few to something accessible to anyone who needs it: in design, simulation, 3D printing, manufacturing - even sales and marketing. 

Check out this webinar to find out how SpaceClaim is bringing new innovations to 3D design: in modeling scan data, repairing and editing STL for 3D printing and pioneering real-time collaboration across PC and mobile using new cloud services.

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