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Customer View Modeling (IP Protection)

SpaceClaim makes it easy for engineers to create lightweight models for customer and supplier interaction. Its tools enable engineers to remove the internals of a part or an assembly and preserve only the outer surfaces. This is a critical step because it protects companies’ intellectual property while sharing designs for form and fit.


Reverse engineering has become a necessity in today’s market and all major companies are devoting resources into figuring out how competitors are creating new, innovative products. Because of this new trend it is extremely important to protect any data leaving your company. Even if a model is sent in a generic file format, it can be modified, reverse engineered, and manufactured. By removing geometry before sending models out, you can effectively control your intellectual property (IP). With SpaceClaim, you can confidently ensure that viewers cannot recover model information from the resulting customer view model file.

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See for yourself how SpaceClaim helps protect your company’s intellectual property using SpaceClaim Customer View Modeling features.


SpaceClaim includes tools to ensure that Intellectual Property can be protected when files need to be transferred outside of organizations. Both parts and assemblies can be greatly simplified through concise, easy to use workflows.  

  • Search and remove small components with a single click
  • Volume extract button automatically fills internal regions
  • Cross sectioning ability allows detailed inspection before export
  • Fill and Combine tools rapidly merge parts together or reduce model complexity
  • Clearance detection ability allows detailed inspection before export.


  • Rapidly reduce assemblies to single parts
  • By retaining outer faces, parts can be precisely mated together
  • Protect intellectual property from competitors without loss of fidelity


  • Critical design information stays within an organization
  • Share data and build part libraries without fear of reverse engineering
  • Eliminate the need for lengthy NDA processes
  • Reduce IP cleanup times by 90%