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Design Reviews with SpaceClaim LiveReview

The future of live 3D collaboration starts now.

LiveReview extends the power of SpaceClaim into a single, secure, and engaging session where more than one user can contribute to the review and editing of a model part or an assembly in real time.

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Benefits of LiveReview

Fast & Intuitive

SpaceClaim LiveReview’s speed and ease-of-use means session hosts and guests are up and running in no time. Additional benefits:
  • No need to share an entire model 
  • Session guests do not need to be SpaceClaim users
  • Nothing to download or install for the participant
  • Clean and intuitive interface

Interactive & Simultaneous

LiveReview creates an interactive and simultaneous environment.
  • Anyone, anywhere: Anyone with an up to date browser* can join and contribute to a session. 
  • Simultaneous: All participants can interact with the model, and everyone can see changes immediately. 
  • Select & rotate: Any participant can rotate and select parts of a model 
  • Markup: All participants can mark-up the model with suggestions. 
  • Measurement: Participants can take measurements of features 
  • Snapshot: Users can take snapshots of the model  
  • Pause: Participants can pause their connection to the session to investigate the model on their own. 

*Note: Browsers must support WebGL – because of this iOS devices are not supported.


SpaceClaim LiveReview provides security in three ways:
  • The geometry data always resides on the host’s computer 
  • When the session ends, nothing stays on guests’ computers. 
  • Added level of security with secured web sockets connection

Please see our "Getting Started" document on setting up LiveReview for your company.

Interested in learning more about LiveReview? Please download our datasheet, or contact us today.