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Free SpaceClaim Web Viewer

Want to share a SpaceClaim design with a client, but your client doesn't use 3D? If so, you might want to try the free SpaceClaim Web Viewer which lets anybody open and view SpaceClaim designs with no download required.

Click here to try SpaceClaim's Web Viewer

Download the Free SpaceClaim Desktop Viewer

Or if you need a local application, download a desktop viewer.  The SpaceClaim viewer is a small lightweight application that not only provides an interface for viewing models but also installs extensions to Microsoft Windows that allow previewing SpaceClaim documents in file folders or viewing files attached to an email.

To download the SpaceClaim Viewer, please fill out the form below.

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Check to confirm that your system meets our system requirements. Then, complete the form to get the SpaceClaim Viewer.

*Note: File preview in Windows explorer and Microsoft Outlook only works with Microsoft Vista or later.