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What Customers and Partners are Saying
About SpaceClaim

Here's what our customers have to say about the speed, ease-of-use, and freedom of design they get from SpaceClaim 3D Modeling software.


Straightforward and practical solid and surface modeling for everyone in the shop. SpaceClaim enables manufacturing engineers to work with any CAD data to prepare models for manufacturing and create tooling with ease. The SpaceClaim user interface allows anybody to work with 3D models, avoiding lengthy and expensive training in traditional CAD tools.

“In less than two hours of loading the software, I was able to import a customer supplied and deeply flawed solid model and repair all of the problem areas." 

Dave Gilbert, Senior Mastercam Programmer
Antron Engineering & Machine Co., Inc.

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Concept Modeling

SpaceClaim enables an expanded use of 3D in the concept modeling phase. SpaceClaim’s unique user interface enables engineers to work in 3D but, it is not a lifestyle tool. Engineers don’t need to use SpaceClaim daily to remain proficient, and engineers who aren’t CAD specialists -- and don’t want to be -- can learn SpaceClaim in hours instead of weeks.  

"I've been saved an enormous amount of time by working with SpaceClaim...but it allows me to design more complex and better work. Basically I would not have been able to create the pieces I'm doing now without SpaceClaim."

Michael McGinnis, Founder


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With SpaceClaim, the CAD model is easily simplified and de-featured. Once in SpaceClaim, additional design changes can be done by the CAE user who knows exactly what needs to be changed to optimize a design.  The savings in labor and elapsed time build up with each cycle by using SpaceClaim’s top of the line direct modeling tools. SpaceClaim uniquely delivers direct modeling to analysts who aren't CAD experts.

"SpaceClaim empowers engineers to quickly create from scratch or modify an existing geometry model.

SpaceClaim is also an ideal solution for combining and editing geometry models from a multitude of sources.

And because SpaceClaim is highly intuitive and inherently easy to use, analysts can create and revise geometries on their own. This represents a major breakthrough that will help move engineering analysis up-front in the product development cycle where it can have the most impact in terms of reducing schedules and overall product development costs."

Dipankar Choudhury
Vice President, Product Strategy and Planning, ANSYS, Inc.

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