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Customer Successes - CAE

Jacobs Analytics builds better products with ANSYS SpaceClaim

"I could see walking into a customer, cracking open a laptop with a clean sheet and saying, ‘Now what do you want?’ Or I could say, ‘This is what we’ve got. Let’s optimize it.’ The CAD tool should be an extension of your imagination and the design process, rather than a hindrance and a limitation. You can use ANSYS SpaceClaim to come up with six new ideas in five or ten minutes. It’s huge..

Travis Jacobs, Founder
Jacobs Analytics

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Engrana Utilizes SpaceClaim in CFD Analysis 

"I especially appreciate the intuitive nature of SpaceClaim.  The tool figures out what I want to do before I tell it - SpaceClaim almost reads my mind.  I've saved at least 50 percent of my time on the geometry part of my job with SpaceClaim and I highly recommend it to my engineering colleagues.”

Bill Wangard, Ph.D., Founder

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Emhart Glass Reduces the "Heat" on Bottle Creation with SpaceClaim

“I've gained back at least 50 percent of my time with SpaceClaim and am now able to focus on analysis and delivering the optimal design changes to new concepts or existing machinery.  Pre-processing is no longer the limiting factor.  I can access in-house and outside computing resources and have as many as eight simulations running at the same time!”

Pierre Ngankeu, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Emhart Glass Research Center


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AeroNautique Flies through Jet Interior Modeling with SpaceClaim

“We’ve been using SpaceClaim for about 17 months and have more than recouped our investment in time saved, error reduction, and faster time-to-market. SpaceClaim is extremely easy to learn. Even our interns, without training, can be productive in just two weeks. You just can’t beat that.” 

Michael Lieblich, FAA Designated Engineering Representative


Widex Enhances the Development of Hearing Aid Technology with 3D Direct Modeling

"Before I started using SpaceClaim, I had to depend on other people to be sure I got my job done, now I can do it all myself." 

Mads Jakob Jensen
Development Engineer


McCormick Stevenson Drives Engineering Analysis with SpaceClaim and ANSYS

"With SpaceClaim, we no longer get hung up in preparing models for analysis. In fact, SpaceClaim is already saving us anywhere from 25 to 50 percent in valuable time." 

Shane McGoldrick, Advanced Mechanical Engineer and Analyst
McCormick Stevenson


 VICURA Drives Improved Simulation and Analysis with SpaceClaim

“I use SpaceClaim every day and it works really well. The software has provided us with a tool that makes our engineers more productive, helps to win business and gives us a strong competitive edge. SpaceClaim saves me time and it is extremely cost effective compared with other products on the market." 

Martin Schagerlind, Simulation Engineer


Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung accelerates FEM model preparation using SpaceClaim

"Before SpaceClaim, it took four or five hours to completely clean up and prepare a model.  Now we can do this job in five minutes."

Alexander Häse, Director of Engineering
Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung


4C-Technologies Leverages SpaceClaim to Take Control of 3D Modeling for High-Pressure Die Casting

"SpaceClaim has reduced our time significantly on model simulation prep - SpaceClaim has literally beat out the expensive CAD systems for what we need to accomplish. 4C-Technologies every year invests in many different types of high level software to ensure we continue to leverage the latest innovations. SpaceClaim has proven to be the best investment we have made for many years without question. We recommend it to our partners and suppliers."

Lars Hansen, CEO and Founder


Highvoltage.dk Engineers Lightning Protection Solutions with SpaceClaim

“We used to spend a lot of time and resources in making our customers deliver the CAD drawings with the required level of detail, which was a time drain and ineffective. Now with SpaceClaim, I can continue to make edits and perform simulation as a continuous loop until we're satisfied with the results. This has saved us at least 50 percent in time to model.”

Casper Falkenstrøm Mieritz, Consulting Engineer


3D Direct Modling Streamlines Micro-Cogeneration System Design and Analysis Processes

"Our work is not to draw plans for machining; we are here to imagine and conceive new systems. SpaceClaim lets me do that efficiently and effectively."

Paul Gateau, Founder


Kranunion Synergizes SpaceClaim with Simulation Tool ANSYS

“We're using SpaceClaim to prepare geometries from multiple 3D CAD systems for simulation and to transfer it between the individual CAD systems, with excellent results.  For us, it is important to use an intuitively operable tool to simplify geometry and to also generate complex models without having to learn the complex functionalities of other CAD tools.”

Reimar Herrschuh, Calculation Engineer
Kirow Ardelt