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The Power of Direct Modeling with SpaceClaim

Thursday, October 23rd at 10:00am EDT and 2:00pm EDT

History-based CAD software is a staple in nearly every product workflow. While there is great value in building parameters around a model for accurate and efficient product development, there are certain times when traditional CAD makes it difficult to get a job done well and quickly.

In this webinar, we will show you how direct modeling can be a major asset in your workflow when the feature tree gets in the way. Learn how you can:

  • Fully edit geometry from any CAD system

  • Never again have a feature rebuild error

  • Easily make unplanned changes without having to start over

  • Repair dirty geometry for simulation, machining, 3D printing, etc

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The Ease of SpaceClaim for CFD Pre-Processing

ANSYS' renowned CFD analysis tools allow you to predict, with confidence, the impact of fluid flows on their design performance. This is key to optimize designs or troubleshoot existing installations. Accurate simulation results require a high quality mesh. A high quality mesh starts with high quality geometry, and engineers should not lose time either waiting for the corrected part from the CAD expert or spending more time than necessary fixing the geometry, thus creating a CAD bottleneck. 

SpaceClaim’s direct modeling solution speeds up time to analysis by putting analysts in control of geometry, thereby removing the CAD bottleneck. In this webinar, we will show you how SpaceClaim easily allows you to:

  • Open and work with CAD data from any 3D CAD system

  • Automatically generate internal and external fluid domains

  • Optimize geometry for meshing

  • Automatically connect to ANSYS WorkBench with bidirectional associativity

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How To Leverage SpaceClaim for Structural Analysis Pre-Processing

Companies rely on ANSYS to rapidly solve complex structural engineering problems with ease. Yet, FEA analysts spend a larger percentage of time preparing and fixing geometry for analysis than they would prefer, slowing down the simulation workflow. Or, analysts are expected to rely on the CAD experts to prepare geometry for analysis, an inefficient back and forth process which creates a CAD bottleneck.

SpaceClaim’s direct modeling solution speeds up time to analysis by putting simulation engineers in control of geometry, thereby removing the bottleneck. In this webinar, we will show you how SpaceClaim easily allows you to pre-process models through:

  • Removal of rounds or small/irrelevant features

  • Edit and modify imported models

  • Merge faces to improve meshing

  • Automatically perform an analysis of the design variation in ANSYS Workbench

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Leverage the Power of SpaceClaim's Direct Modeling for Concept Modeling

During ongoing or new projects it is important to be able to generate models of concepts very quickly to brainstorm new ideas. One of a designer's biggest headaches is struggling with a feature tree and having to start all over again because of changes made halfway through the design process. It's time wasted on re-work as opposed to testing new ideas. 

In this webinar, we'll show you how creting concept models in SpaceClaim can be simple and efficient. With SpaceClaim you can:

  • Design multiple concepts from scratch and evaluate them in the time it takes to use more traditional software platforms

  • Easily change your mind and edit the model without starting over or restructuring features

  • Easily communicate your design in a 3D environment using a number of tools including: 3D Mark-up; 3D PDF; LiveReview, and others

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Machine Design Using SpaceClaim

Machine design is a complicated process that needs flexibility in order to ensure success. In today’s environment, the ability to easily and cheaply brainstorm new designs or work with older models to see if they can fit a new specification is paramount to staying competitive. 

In this webinar, we will show how you can leverage SpaceClaim to reimagine old designs and create innovate new ones by:

  • Creating a part from scratch using SpaceClaim’s fast and easy design tools

  • Importing any existing assembly and repurposing it by modifying existing parts, importing new parts, or creating new components within the assembly to save time and increase efficiencies

  • Identifying and fixing mechanism conflicts and issues by running a dynamic simulation of the design with Algoryx’s Dynamics for SpaceClaim add-on

  • Creating an assembly drawing, including a bill of materials for purchasing

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Hybrid Modeling for 3D Printing

While prepping models for 3D printing, engineers need both the ability to edit STL files and the ability to create solids. They also need to merge models together, no matter the geometry type. There are solutions on the market that can edit STL files and others that provide quality 3D modeling tools, but only one solution works well with both STL and solids: SpaceClaim.

In this webinar, we will show you how you can leverage SpaceClaim and its STL Prep for 3D Printing module to:

  • Create solids from scratch

  • Edit STL files

  • Merge solids or STLs into other STL files

  • Convert meshes to solids

  • Cut solids and meshes easily to focus on specific areas of the model

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SpaceClaim for Electronic Prototypes & Panel Builders

Engineers building enclosures, panels, or electronic prototypes need the ability to easily create models, produce dimensioned worksheets, and easily deliver ECAD models to a MCAD solution without worrying about file formats or spending copious amounts of time learning how to use a software package. Without a solution that addresses their needs, engineers are left at the mercy of CAD experts who invariably have to-do lists a mile long, increasing project lead time and decreasing productivity. 

In this webinar, we will show you how panel builders and electronic prototype engineers can quickly learn to leverage the power of SpaceClaim to:

  • Easily create and edit geometry – including sheet metal - without the worry of file format or feature trees

  • Communicate designs more easily between ECAD and MCAD platforms

  • Import components directly from our partners into your 3D model

  • Create highly detailed dimensioned worksheets

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Dirty Geometry: How to Repair and Edit Models Quickly and Easily

The goal of 3D modeling and manufacturing is to have a smooth, efficient process from concept design to production. In reality, 3D models are rarely ready for the next step along the production process. Dirty geometry can cause, for example, meshes to blow up or CAM tools to not work properly, ultimately leading to downtime on the shop floor. 

In this webinar, we will show you how to leverage SpaceClaim’s specialized tools to clean up dirty geometry by analyzing, editing, and repairing solids directly, no matter the file type. You’ll see how SpaceClaim’s ease of use makes it invaluable to repairing geometry 2-5X more quickly than anything else on the market.

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Take the Red Pill – See The Truth About 3D Geometry 

For years, Big CAD has dictated what your process looks like, who can work with geometry, and how your company can model, edit or repair in 3D.  Engineers no longer need to accept the limits of parametric CAD and instead can open their eyes to new possibilities in 3D mechanical design.  Justin Hendrickson will talk about how SpaceClaim is accelerating product design, prototyping and development by taking 3D geometry from the domain of a select few to something accessible to anyone who needs it: in design, simulation, 3D printing, manufacturing - even sales and marketing.  Find out how SpaceClaim is bringing new innovations to 3D design: in modeling scan data, repairing and editing STL for 3D printing and pioneering real-time collaboration across PC and mobile using new cloud services.  

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