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Upcoming Live Webinars

Leverage the Power of SpaceClaim's Direct Modeling for Concept Modeling

Thursday, September 11th at 10:00am EDT and 2:00pm EDT

During ongoing or new projects it is important to be able to generate models of concepts very quickly to brainstorm new ideas. One of a designer's biggest headaches is struggling with a feature tree and having to start all over again because of changes made halfway through the design process. It's time wasted on re-work as opposed to testing new ideas. 

In this webinar, we'll show you how creting concept models in SpaceClaim can be simple and efficient. With SpaceClaim you can:

  • Design multiple concepts from scratch and evaluate them in the time it takes to use more traditional software platforms

  • Easily change your mind and edit the model without starting over or restructuring features

  • Easily communicate your design in a 3D environment using a number of tools including: 3D Mark-up; 3D PDF; LiveReview, and others

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On-Demand Webinars


Machine Design Using SpaceClaim

Machine design is a complicated process that needs flexibility in order to ensure success. In today’s environment, the ability to easily and cheaply brainstorm new designs or work with older models to see if they can fit a new specification is paramount to staying competitive. 

In this webinar, we will show how you can leverage SpaceClaim to reimagine old designs and create innovate new ones by:

  • Creating a part from scratch using SpaceClaim’s fast and easy design tools

  • Importing any existing assembly and repurposing it by modifying existing parts, importing new parts, or creating new components within the assembly to save time and increase efficiencies

  • Identifying and fixing mechanism conflicts and issues by running a dynamic simulation of the design with Algoryx’s Dynamics for SpaceClaim add-on

  • Creating an assembly drawing, including a bill of materials for purchasing

Sign up today to learn the value of SpaceClaim for innovative, efficient machine design.

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Hybrid Modeling for 3D Printing

While prepping models for 3D printing, engineers need both the ability to edit STL files and the ability to create solids. They also need to merge models together, no matter the geometry type. There are solutions on the market that can edit STL files and others that provide quality 3D modeling tools, but only one solution works well with both STL and solids: SpaceClaim.

In this webinar, we will show you how you can leverage SpaceClaim and its STL Prep for 3D Printing module to:

  • Create solids from scratch

  • Edit STL files

  • Merge solids or STLs into other STL files

  • Convert meshes to solids

  • Cut solids and meshes easily to focus on specific areas of the model

Sign up for our webinar today to learn how you can leverage SpaceClaim to streamline your 3D Printing process.

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SpaceClaim for Electronic Prototypes & Panel Builders

Engineers building enclosures, panels, or electronic prototypes need the ability to easily create models, produce dimensioned worksheets, and easily deliver ECAD models to a MCAD solution without worrying about file formats or spending copious amounts of time learning how to use a software package. Without a solution that addresses their needs, engineers are left at the mercy of CAD experts who invariably have to-do lists a mile long, increasing project lead time and decreasing productivity. 

In this webinar, we will show you how panel builders and electronic prototype engineers can quickly learn to leverage the power of SpaceClaim to:

  • Easily create and edit geometry – including sheet metal - without the worry of file format or feature trees

  • Communicate designs more easily between ECAD and MCAD platforms

  • Import components directly from our partners into your 3D model

  • Create highly detailed dimensioned worksheets

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Dirty Geometry: How to Repair and Edit Models Quickly and Easily

The goal of 3D modeling and manufacturing is to have a smooth, efficient process from concept design to production. In reality, 3D models are rarely ready for the next step along the production process. Dirty geometry can cause, for example, meshes to blow up or CAM tools to not work properly, ultimately leading to downtime on the shop floor. 

In this webinar, we will show you how to leverage SpaceClaim’s specialized tools to clean up dirty geometry by analyzing, editing, and repairing solids directly, no matter the file type. You’ll see how SpaceClaim’s ease of use makes it invaluable to repairing geometry 2-5X more quickly than anything else on the market.

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Take the Red Pill – See The Truth About 3D Geometry 

For years, Big CAD has dictated what your process looks like, who can work with geometry, and how your company can model, edit or repair in 3D.  Engineers no longer need to accept the limits of parametric CAD and instead can open their eyes to new possibilities in 3D mechanical design.  Justin Hendrickson will talk about how SpaceClaim is accelerating product design, prototyping and development by taking 3D geometry from the domain of a select few to something accessible to anyone who needs it: in design, simulation, 3D printing, manufacturing - even sales and marketing.  Find out how SpaceClaim is bringing new innovations to 3D design: in modeling scan data, repairing and editing STL for 3D printing and pioneering real-time collaboration across PC and mobile using new cloud services.  

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Reverse Engineering for CAE 

How SpaceClaim Fits into your Shape Optimization Workflow

Topological Optimization is becoming more and more popular but it presents two distinct bottlenecks on the geometry side.  The first problem is that you need simple geometry to start the analysis.  The optimization will be removing all unnecessary areas of the model so the blockier the design is, the better.  The second issue is that once the mass of the model has been reduced, the resulting STL model has to be reverse engineered to pass it back to the CAD team or do further validation runs inside of ANSYS.

SpaceClaim is the best software for the job because it has fast geometry creation tools, both from scratch and when referencing an STL.  Watch the webinar to see how quickly and easily SpaceClaim will remove your geometry bottleneck.

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STL Prep for MFG image 

STL Prep for Manufacturing

Machinists and others in manufacturing need to be able to get their jobs done no matter the type of file they receive. SpaceClaim Engineer is the only 3D modeling solution that allows manufacturers to prep and repair STL files in addition to other file formats such as CAD, STEP, etc. SpaceClaim Engineer also provides manufacturers the tools needed to efficiently reverse engineer parts.

In this webinar, we will show you how easy and fast it is to:

  • Analyze, edit, and repair an STL file directly

  • Merge STL models with other STL models or solids

  • Save & Export STL files

  • Create a fixture from an STL import

  • Create an inspection drawing from an in process STL

Watch today to learn how you can leverage SpaceClaim’s STL capabilities for manufacturing.

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 2D to 3D image

SpaceClaim Engineer: Simplicity of 2D, Power of 3D

Many engineers are hesitant to make the jump from 2D to 3D. For their needs, traditional CAD software provides unnecessary complexity and an overkill in functionality. This creates a difficult and tedious learning curve for which they do not have the time. There is a need for a 3D modeling tool that is as easy as 2D, yet powerful enough to solve any 3D problem. SpaceClaim provides an intuitive interface to 3D and lets users leverage legacy 2D DWG/DXF files. If you’re thinking about making the jump from 2D to 3D, SpaceClaim makes it easy and fast for you to do so.

In this webinar we'll show why SpaceClaim is indispensable for moving from 2D to 3D. See for yourself how SpaceClaim can help you: 

  • Leverage existing 2D data

  • Design solid models quickly and easily with four simple yet powerful tools

  • Create linked drawing sheets to the 3D data 

  • Eliminate both surprises late in the design process and last-minute change orders

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EDM image

Geometry Prep for EDM

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is known for its highly precise manufacturing capabilities. It is a valuable process from which all shops – no matter the industry – can benefit. The level of precision and accuracy involved in EDM demands a powerful yet flexible tool for model preparation. SpaceClaim Engineer is the only 3D modeling solution on the market today that combines accuracy and speed with an intuitive environment.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate:

  • SpaceClaim Engineer’s flexibility in working with various different file types 

  • How easy and fast it is to repair, create, and edit models for EDM 

  • How to improve your manufacturing speed by 20%

Watch the webinar to learn how much easier preparing models for EDM can be.

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 LiveReview image

SpaceClaim Makes Communicating in 3D Easy and Effective

SpaceClaim knows there is no one-stop solution ideal for every instance of collaboration. When it comes to 3D modeling and editing, engineers need the ability to choose the best format for the situation to communicate their model designs and edits to others.

Reserve your seat today to learn about the different tools SpaceClaim provides for collaboration and communication in 3D.

In this webinar, we will show you:

  • LiveReview: Host a live 3D collaboration session right in SpaceClaim Engineer so that all participants can engage and interact with a model at the same time. SpaceClaim is the only company offering a solution like this today.

  • Web Viewer: Share your models with anyone.

  • 3D Markup: Create a document that records the changes made on a model with color differentiation and “is/was” dimensions.

  • 3D PDF: Import/Export 3D PDFs.

Join this webinar to see how SpaceClaim’s approach to collaboration makes 3D geometry accessible to everyone.

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 Dynamics for SpaceClaim logo

Gain Decision-Critical Insights Upfront with Dynamics for SpaceClaim

The new multi-body dynamics tool in SpaceClaim injects the power of advanced interactive physics into the core of product development.  This user-friendly and highly responsive add-in provides an understanding that goes beyond numerical output, allowing engineers to develop a strong intuitive understanding of each design iteration.   

This webinar illustrates how Dynamics for SpaceClaim by Algoryx Simulation - built on the fast and intuitive platform of SpaceClaim - gives engineering organizations new means to create the most competitive mechanical designs on the market.

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 STL File

SpaceClaim STL Prep for 3D Printing Module: 3D Printing Made Easy & Fast 

Instead of wasting time and resources by using a myriad of products to get a model ready for 3D printing, now engineers can use SpaceClaim’s STL Prep for 3D Printing module. SpaceClaim’s new STL Prep for 3D Printing module is the solution you need to prepare models efficiently and easily.

In this webinar, we will work directly with STL files to:

  • Analyze & Clean: Analyze and clean intersections, ensure the model is watertight, and fix immediately

  • Edit: Cut up a model; separate the STL into different parts for multi-material printing

  • Slice into several shells & Create connecting features

  • Combine STL models with other STL models or even solids

  • Decimation/reduction to cut down on file sizes

  • Shell models to minimize waste

  • Save & Export STL files so files can be sent directly to a printer

Watch the webinar today to learn how you can leverage SpaceClaim to streamline your 3D Printing process.

Watch the webinar


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