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keyshot for spaceclaim

The Power of Photo-Realistic Rendering with Keyshot

Our goal here at SpaceClaim is to deliver solutions to the market that make 3D modeling more accessible and more useful to all engineers. Providing great partner add-ons like Luxion's Keyshot is an extension of that goal.

Keyshot is a leading photo-realistic rendering solution from Luxion that allows users to quickly and easily render photo-realistic snapshots of a part or assembly.

In this webinar, we will show you how to take advantage of the free version of Keyshot in SpaceClaim. We will also demonstrate the additional functionality which is available in the HD and Pro versions of the product.

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 spaceclaim for manufacturing

SpaceClaim Quick Talk: MCB Engineering Consulting

Join us for a 10 minute Quick Talk with our customer, MCB Engineering Consulting!

MCB's president, Gerry Dail, will share with us how he used SpaceClaim to quickly ramp up his new business by leveraging the software's intuitive and robust 3D modeling platform for editing 3D models including large assemblies, working with 2D drawings, and more.

"With SpaceClaim as my principle 3D modeling package, I don't think there's anything that I've come across that it can't do. The power that SpaceClaim offers for its price is really remarkable."

MCB offers customer mechanical engineering solutions to clients of all sizes in a variety of industries. The independent engineering consultancy is led by Gerry Dail, a 35-year veteran of machine design, plant project engineering, research and development, and military, manufacturing, and engineering leadership.

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Introducing ANSYS AIM

Some product designs require a single physics solution, while others — involving, for example, fluid–structure interactions — require multiple physics simulations. Setting up and running multiphysics simulations used to be a challenging task involving manual transfer of data between solvers. With the introduction of ANSYS AIM™, multiphysics simulations are easy to perform. AIM is an innovative, immersive simulation environment that lowers the barrier to entry for multiphysics simulations. The AIM unified multiphysics platform uses proven ANSYS solutions packaged in a new intuitive environment, making previously complex multiphysics simulations accessible to the entire engineering organization.

Attend this webinar and learn how ANSYS AIM makes it easier than ever to solve your toughest multiphysics design challenges in a single, easy-to-use environment. Learn how AIM’s guided simulation process paradigm can help you to automate your simulations to ensure that they are following engineering best practices every time. Don’t settle for single physics approximations when multiphysics simulations yield more accurate solutions with little additional effort using ANSYS AIM.

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Pull Move Fill Combine

Spaceclaim Tips & Tricks Revealed - Part II

The first Tips and Tricks webinar was so successful that we've decided to host another one!

While SpaceClaim is the fastest and easiest 3D modeling software solution on the market today, our AEs take it to a whole new level with their speed and ability. If you are interested in taking the full potential of SpaceClaim by the hands, this is the webinar for you. You will learn how to whiz through SpaceClaim like our AEs do with an advanced understanding of the capability of tools like:

  • Pull

  • Move

  • Fill

  • Combine

...as well as our secret weapon: Power Select.

If you weren't able to attend our first webinar, you can watch it here, but, please join us on the 30th, too! The tips we'll be covering in the second webinar does not build on the first, so no need to watch the first to get the full benefit of the upcoming webinar on June 30th.

If you attended the first Tips and Tricks webinar earlier this year, we will show a different set of capabilities, adding to what you've already learned, so please join us again!

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scan to cad

Scan to Print vs Scan to CAD

As one dives further into reverse engineering and 3D printing, there are times when it is unclear what tools are need when. Do you need to edit the STL file directly? When does a model need to be watertight?

In this webinar, we will take a more advanced look into reverse engineering and 3D printing including:

  • Scan to CAD / reverse engineering: what is it, why do you reverse engineer parts

  • Scan to Print / 3D printing: what is it, what are the key benefits

  • Hybrid modeling

  • Best practices for both reverse engineering and 3D printing

  • Industry use cases for reverse engineering and 3D printing

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Speed Up Analysis with SpaceClaim

Speed Up Your Time for Analysis with ANSYS SpaceClaim

The CAD bottleneck is so rampant in today's product workflows, many analysts consider it a necessary headache in order to successfully prep models for simulation. The key is finding the right tool for the job. Instead of forcing a product developed for document and design management, leverage a solution that was built from the ground up with flexibility and speed in mind.

SpaceClaim’s 3D modeling software solution speeds up time to analysis by putting analysts in control of geometry, thereby removing the CAD bottleneck. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The fallacy of "one size fits all" when it comes to geometry solutions

  • The value of SpaceClaim for: Repair and simplification of models for simulation CFD analysis, Structural analysis, Electronics analysis and Simulation Driven Product Development

  • A customer success story

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