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Simulation Driven Design Optimization

Modeling and Simulation - The Challenge

In typical companies there is a vicious loop involving simulation and modeling that drastically slows down new design cycles.  If changes need to be made to a design during the analysis process, those changes are typically made by the design team.  This can add weeks to cycle time. When the model is analyzed, any items overlooked may require another cleanup pass. This can create multiple iteration cycles between the CAE and Design team.

Each time the CAD design is changed, even to investigate an option, the changes take a long time.

design optimization

The Solution is Design Optimization

With SpaceClaim, the CAD model is easily simplified and de-featured. Once in SpaceClaim, additional design changes can be done by the CAE user who knows exactly what needs to be changed for design optimization.  The savings in labor and elapsed time build up with each cycle by using SpaceClaim’s top of the line direct modeling tools.  SpaceClaim uniquely delivers direct modeling to analysts who aren't CAD experts.

Benefits of Design Optimization

  • Optimize the value stream between detailed design and CAE work groups
  • Increase early phase CAE capacity to address innovation initiatives
  • Eliminate waste and get higher-quality products to market faster
  • Strong ROI (return on investment) with very fast pay back
  • Save days or weeks by removing CAD bottlenecks in the CAE workflow
  • Optimize design parameters, honing the understanding of ideal solutions
  • Change materials, design approaches, and manufacturing processes without starting from scratch
  • Reuse existing parts and designs as a starting point for new ones, applying knowledge as you discover it in CAE
  • Provide accurate, solid models to the CAD team to maximize process efficiency

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