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SpaceClaim Computer Aided Design - 2D CAD to 3D Parts

The 2D to 3D Challenge

A customer asks for a quote on a “2D drawing," but the PDF you received is actually just an image.  You would like to make a few calculations, such as mass properties, and consider the number of setups involved.  Maybe even estimate the cycle time and pinpoint costs. Or maybe you need to make an old 2D CAD drawing into a new 3D part, but you don’t want to waste the day wrestling with traditional computer aided design (CAD).

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The 2D to 3D Solution - How to Get Started with Computer Aided Design (CAD)

SpaceClaim makes it fast and easy to go from 2D drawings to 3D computer aided design or 2D CAD to 3D. Whether you only have an image or a sloppy 2D drawing, SpaceClaim lets you work in the context of what you have to get new models made. And if you can start with a precise drawing, half the work of going from 2D to 3D is already done for you.

Features of SpaceClaim Ideal for Moving from 2D CAD or Drawings to 3D

  • Open common 2D file formats like DXF, DWG, bitmaps, and IGES
  • Use 2D drawings as the profiles to pull the drawing into 3D
  • Sketch directly on top of 2D CAD images, appropriately scaled to size
  • Automatically detect and fix gaps with 2D geometry so the 3D computer aided design is correct
  • 2D and 3D tools let you tweak geometry in areas where the dimensions were incorrect

Benefits of Leveraging SpaceClaim for 3D Computer Aided Design

  • SpaceClaim’s 3D modeling is 4-5 times faster than the feature-based modeling used by traditional CAD tools
  • Work with data from anywhere instead of drawing from scratch
  • Calculate tool paths and design fixtures directly off of 3D parts, saving time
  • Respond to customers more quickly and provide the lowest bid


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