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Geometry Repair


3D CAD files can have geometry problems that can make downstream applications go haywire or report mysterious errors.  CAE applications meshes can blow up, and CAM systems can create erroneous tool paths that can crash machines.  Fixing broken CAD files typically requires serious CAD and geometry expertise.  The result is that many engineers and machinists struggle to work with each other's data.


SpaceClaim uses a fast detect-and-repair approach to fixing files, making model repair an easy activity for anyone who needs to work with bad data.  SpaceClaim can automatically fix common issues when opening files, and it also provides interactive tools for deeper repairs.  For parts that are missing geometry, SpaceClaim’s direct modeling technology blends seamlessly with the repair tools to reconstruct data.


  • The Stitch tool makes watertight solids out of faces that were imported individually instead of forming a solid.
  • The Gaps tool finds gaps between faces and fixes the edges to remove the gap.
  • The Missing Faces tool extends neighboring faces or patches a new face where one was missing
  • Special tools heal split, extra, and inexact (tolerant) edges
  • A set of tools is dedicated to cleaning up and healing 2D geometry, and another tool fits curves over approximate or especially messy input
  • Other tools allow for adjusting tangency, simplifying spline surfaces to analytic surfaces, finding small faces, and merging small faces into a single face


  • Fix parts in seconds rather than hours
  • No need to buy expensive CAD systems to fix expensive CAD problems
  • Be in control of geometry; don’t let it control you
  • Provide better customer service by not sending parts back to the customer