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Mold Manufacturing

Having difficulty creating molds in complex CAD systems? Have you ever wanted to edit customer geometry, but it’s too much work to change the models? SpaceClaim makes it easy to work with any CAD data and get the geometry right for mold design, helping you interact with your clients, reduce design times, and produce more parts.


  • Clean up dirty geometry and create watertight models
  • Adjust rounds, drafts, and wall thicknesses on parts from any CAD system
  • Remove sharp corners and small faces
  • Quickly create mid-surface models for mold simulation
  • Edit mold geometry directly in the cross section


  • Work with any CAD data in once CAD system
  • More cost effective than traditional CAD
  • Provide better customer support by communicating in 3D

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See this video for the top 5 ways SpaceClaim can streamline your Injection Molding work.


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