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A Quantum Leap in Engineering Productivity

SpaceClaim empowers engineers to be more creative and deliver products to market faster. Throughout the lean product development cycle, SpaceClaim makes it possible for engineers to easily explore their ideas and solve problems in 3D, reuse and quickly edit concept models from any CAD system, and simplify models for analysis in a fraction of the time it used to take with traditional CAD. Customers are also using SpaceClaim to bid on new projects to improve their win rates by communicating with prospects and customers in 3D.

SpaceClaim Process Diagram #2 

 SpaceClaim enables innovation and improves
efficiency throughout the product development cycle.

Who Benefits from Deploying SpaceClaim in Your Organization?


  • First 3D system on the market that any engineer can use
  • Fastest 3D Direct Modeler for concept modeling ever developed
  • Clear concept communication and 3D markup
  • Works with data from anywhere (such as 2D, 3D, photos, sketches, and scan data)
  • Best tool for CAE model creation, preparation, and optimization

Managers and IT Staff

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) and remarkably fast Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Dramatic Improvement in time-to-CAD
  • Removes expensive iterations and design delays
  • 3D interaction with customers wins more business
  • 3D interaction with suppliers lowers components costs
  • Saves maintenance costs
  • Underserved CAD users switch to SpaceClaim, saving money
  • Prevents casual users from damaging expensive CAD data


  • Low TOC and fast ROI
  • Imports and edits any CAD data
  • Cleans and simplifies any data from any CAD system
  • 3D Direct Modeling is better for Computer  Aided Manufacturing (CAM), such as creating fixtures in hours instead of days
  • Fix problems whereever you find them. easily communicating suggestions to the customer