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SpaceClaim Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a detailed drawing?

Yes. Click the Application Menu, then select New > Drawing Sheet. The Detail tab selects by default and provides the tools you use to add annotations and dimensions as needed.

How do I change my sketch grid spacing?

In the Grid group in the Units screen in SpaceClaim Options, enter your grid spacing preference.

How do I make my model transparent, but not wire frame?

After selecting the solid, try the following:
  • Select Color from the Design group, and then click the Opacity bar to change the opacity of the model.
  • Use the Color or Style Override tools, located in the Style group on the Design tab to set opacity for selected objects. Style Override makes the object opaque or transparent, regardless of face or layer settings. These overrides are automatically deselected when you change the transparency of an object using the Color tool or Style Painter.

Why are some objects transparent and others opaque?

By default, surfaces are transparent and solids are opaque.