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SpaceClaim Frequently Asked Questions

Can we select different Gages for different components?

Yes, you can assign different Gage Thicknesses of the same material or different material at the component level.

How do you assign a gage thickness?

To assign Gage Thickness to the Sheet Metal design, you need an xml file which has the required information such as material properties, and gage numbers with their corresponding thickness values. The xml file needs to be placed in the Materials folder of the installation directory.

A sample xml file called ‘SheetMetal from MatWeb.xml’ is located at:
C:\Program Files\SpaceClaim\Library\Materials (default location)

The properly placed xml file enables the user to select that particular material by clicking the ‘Design’ in the Structure Tree and selecting it from the Library of materials in the Properties Panel.
Assigning customized material and having the ‘Sheet Metal’ property set to ‘True’ from the properties panel enables the user to select the Gage Thickness.

What is Sheet Metal Gage Thickness?

The Sheet Metal Gage (sometimes spelled gauge) indicates the standard Thickness of Sheet Metal for a specific material. For most materials, as the gage number increases, the material thickness decreases.