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SpaceClaim Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the scroll wheel to zoom like in other CAD software?

Yes. In the Zoom group in the Navigation screen in SpaceClaim Options, select the Always radio button. This changes the way query select is controlled. To enable query select, hold the Ctrl key as you roll the scroll wheel.

Can shortcuts be customized?

No. Keyboard shortcuts cannot be customized.

How do I change the Zoom/Spin/Pan controls from the default settings?

In the Navigation screen in SpaceClaim Options, you can set your keyboard and mouse controls. Select a control, choose an option from the control setting´s dropdown, and click OK.

How do I rotate views without knowing which way is the top view, for example?

While in 3D mode, you can use the Snap View tool, located in the Orient group on the Design tab. You can click a face to view it head-on, then click, drag, and release the mouse towards the top, bottom, or sides of the design window to ‘throw´ the face to that side. To display a straight-on view of a planar face, select the face and click Plan view in the Orient group on the Design tab.

How should I use the Properties panel?

The Properties panel shows information about a selected object. Use this panel to view and edit characteristics of an object. In addition to components, surfaces, and solids, you can use the Properties panel to modify property values for sketched objects, inserted images, patterns, and sheet metal.

My SpaceClaim Options menu doesn´t display. How do I fix this?

Try the following:
  • If you have multiple displays, check to see if the menu displays on another monitor.
  • Try using a shortcut to move windows on to another display: Hold down the ALT and spacebar keys. Select Move, then press the arrow keys on the keyboard or move the mouse to bring the panel back into your preferred display.
  • Clear your user configuration files. Please contact the SpaceClaim Support Team for assistance at http://www.spaceclaim.com/Support/supportoverview.aspx.

My SpaceClaim panels and tabs don´t display where I want them. How can I adjust them? How do I customize my window layout?

In the Appearance screen in SpaceClaim Options, click the Reset Docking Layout button to reset the layout. To customize the layout of your panels, click and drag a panel to a new location. You can also click and drag, and then pin, a panel to a SpaceClaim window edge.

SpaceClaim looks like a Windows application; does it have similar cut, copy and paste functionality?

Yes. You can work with these functions from the Clipboard group on the ribbon tab, or, use shortcut keys such as Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+V to paste or Ctrl+X to cut.

What´s the difference between a solid at the top level of the design and a solid within a component?

The major difference is that you cannot make assembly conditions between solids at the top level of the design. You can only do this with solids within components. Having components within your design:
  • Confirms that you are making an assembly. You can move components around in the design window and also use components to make sub-assemblies of a larger model.
  • Allows you to create assembly conditions. You cannot use assembly conditions between solids which are not in components.
  • Prevents solids from merging unintentionally in the Pull tool.

Where is the feature tree?

SpaceClaim is a direct modeling software package, and as such, uses a Structure tree to list all of the objects in the design window. The Structure panel contains the Structure tree, which shows you each of the objects in your design. Objects are displayed in the order in which they were created, or, in the order in which they were imported.

Where is the world origin located? Can I change its location?

World Origin shows the X, Y, and Z zero location in designs and drawing sheets. By enabling this feature, you can display the axes that set the default orientation of the design in the Design window. In SpaceClaim, you can turn on the world origin by selecting the World Origin checkbox in the Show group on the Display tab. The position of the world origin cannot be changed, but geometry can be moved up to, or dimensioned from the origin.