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SpaceClaim Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I access Help information?

  • To access the SpaceClaim Online Help, click SpaceClaim , located at the top right hand corner of the SpaceClaim design window in the tab bar. The Help provides step-by-step instructions, animations, and examples.
  • To display a tooltip, hover over a tool icon in the ribbon bar. Detailed tooltips are provided for each tool within SpaceClaim. You may find that a tooltip provides all the information you need to use the tool.
  • To view context-sensitive Online Help information, press the F1 key while a tooltip is open.

What if I can´t find what I´m looking for in the Help contents?

In the Help, click the Search tab and type in the specific word(s) or phrase(s) for which you want to view information. Click the List Topics button to display a list of pages that include your search term. To fine tune your search, you can also add quotes (" ") around your term, or, click the Help extended menu and choose AND, OR, NEAR, or NOT to further narrow your search.

What should I include when sending a technical issue to support?

Using the Support Case Submission Form as a guideline, when submitting an issue you should provide the following:
  • Your contact information
  • Your operating system information
  • The subject of your issue
  • The version of SpaceClaim you have installed
  • Your operating system language
  • Your video card information
  • One or more image files that help to illustrate the issue. Pictures or image files are desirable because they typically provide the details that help our team to understand the issue. You may also consider including the issue´s SpaceClaim (.scdoc) file.
  • A concise description of the issue

Where can I find SpaceClaim tutorials?

SpaceClaim´s tutorials offer a brief concept introduction, or basic tool or technique overview. To download any or all of the tutorial offerings, go to