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SpaceClaim Frequently Asked Questions:

Are point releases backwards compatible?

Because of the significant changes and improvements between point releases, backwards compatibility is not possible at this time.  This will start at 2016.2.  

Are there any issues when opening a file in a future version?

No.  There are no issues.

Does SpaceClaim support parallel installs?

Starting in ANSYS SpaceClaim 2016.2, parallel installs will be allowed.  This means you can have multiple versions of the software on the same machine.

How do I know what release I'm currently using?

File, SpaceClaim Options, Resources, About. Your version will be listed at the top.

How do I open version a .scdoc in an earlier version of SpaceClaim?

The best option is to save the .scdoc as a neutral file type, such as acis or step, then open the file in the earlier version.

How do I upgrade to the latest ANSYS SpaceClaim?

If you are on active maintenance you are eligible to upgrade the latest release. There are generally two recommended methods:

1. Login into your myspaceclaim account, and navigate to the downloads tab on the left.
2. In ANSYS SpaceClaim; Go to  File, SpaceClaim Options, Resources, Check for Updates.

What does backwards compatibility mean?

The ability of an earlier release opening files from a later or more current release, i.e., ANSYS SpaceClaim release 2016.1 will not open .scdoc files from release 2016.2.

2016.1 will be the last release allowing backwards compatibility between point releases.

What if I'm using SCDM with ANSYS?

If you are using SCDM or purchased through ANSYS direct sales, you are using a different version of SpaceClaim.  For update information please visit the ANSYS Customer Portal:  https://support.ansys.com/portal/site/AnsysCustomerPortal 

What is a point release, and why is ANSYS SpaceClaim moving to this schedule?

Point releases are more aggressive, incremental releases throughout a cycle that bring the best of ANSYS SpaceClaim’s development to customers in a more efficient time frame. This results in less waiting for customers getting access to new features, functionality, architectural speedups, general improvements, and the latest file formats.

When will ANSYS SpaceClaim 2016.2 be available for download?