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 SpaceClaim Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I install SpaceClaim from a network location?

While the installation may run successfully, SpaceClaim recommends that you copy the installation files to your local computer before you run the installer.

Can I install SpaceClaim from the Internet?

SpaceClaim recommends that you download the installer prior to running it.

Can I silently install SpaceClaim?

Yes, first extract the Installer.msi file from the .exe installer by opening the archive and navigating to SpaceClaim > Installer.msi. Then place the Installer.msi file in a local drive and then open a command line window, navigate to the file location, and use the following argument:

Installer.msi /qn

Can I use a 32-bit installer on a 64-bit machine?

Yes, but SpaceClaim will be a 32-bit application. You can even have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions installed on the same computer: the 32-bit application will be installed in Program Files (x86) and the 64-bit will be installed in Program Files.

How can I get an older version of SpaceClaim?

SpaceClaim does not distribute older installers. You are encouraged to maintain your own backups.

How do I install CATIA translators for SpaceClaim?

The CATIA installers are included in the setup executable when you run the SpaceClaim installer.

What does "An error occurred during the installation of assembly..." mean?

This is an error coming from one (or more) of Microsoft's sub installers that we include. It is a fairly common error that may be due to prior incomplete Windows Updates, running a Beta or RC version of the OS, or running with insufficient privileges. Typically, restarting the computer to make sure all updates are installed, and running the installer as admin will resolve the problem. 

What does the error message mean: "The central directory was not found in the archive (or you were trying to open not the last disk of a multi-disk archive)"?

This error is usually linked to a corrupted installer or displays if you are trying to install SpaceClaim in an account that does not have Administrator privileges.

What happens if I don´t have a CATIA license?

If no CATIA license is available, the CATIA v5 translation will be disabled.

What should I do if my download was interrupted or it never finished?

Check that your Internet connection is running correctly and then try downloading the installer again. If you continue to experience download problems, please contact the SpaceClaim Support Team for assistance at http://www.spaceclaim.com/Support/supportoverview.aspx

What user privileges do I need to run the SpaceClaim installer?

Your Windows account must have Administrator privileges.

Where can I download an installer for SpaceClaim?

First time SpaceClaim users will receive an e-mail with installer download (.exe file). For users who have already installed SpaceClaim and registered their license serial code, the installer link can be found on your MySpaceClaim account. Both 32-bit and 64-bit installers are provided, as long as the maintenance is up to date. 

Where should I put the installer?

SpaceClaim recommends that you download and save the installer to your desktop or local drive for easy access. After SpaceClaim installation completes, you should also backup the installer in another safe location in case you need to reinstall or your maintenance lapses and you cannot redownload the installer from MySpaceClaim.