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 SpaceClaim Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I disable automatic notification?

Yes. In the Startup options group of the Popular screen in SpaceClaim Options, clear the Check for software updates checkbox.

Can I manually check for updates?

Yes. In the Get updates section of the Resources screen in SpaceClaim Options, click the Check for Updates button.

How can I be sure I have the latest version of SpaceClaim?

The installers provided in your MySpaceClaim account are always the latest version of SpaceClaim.

How can I obtain updates if I have no Internet connection?

You can download an installer from any computer with an Internet connection. After you log in to your MySpaceClaim account, you can transfer an update to your offline computer manually.

How will I be notified about new versions of SpaceClaim?

If you have an active Internet connection and if your subscription service is active, SpaceClaim automatically notifies you of new updates as they become available: a status notification message will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the SpaceClaim design window.