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Increase your Shop Floor Productivity with SpaceClaim and Mastercam

The goal of 3D modeling and manufacturing is to have a smooth, efficient process from concept design to production. In reality, 3D models are rarely ready for the next step along the workflow. Typically tooling and fixtures need to be created, and 3D models need to be repaired, de-featured, and edited in order to ensure a successfully machined part.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to leverage SpaceClaim’s specialized tools to prepare models for manufacturing by:

  • Creating jigs and fixtures quickly and easily
  • Analyzing, editing, and repairing solids directly, no matter the file type
  • Defeaturing and simplifying 3D models
  • Detecting duplicate geometry, split edges and faces, and extra edges You’ll also hear from Mastercam expert Chris Kozell – he’ll present information on:
  • Ease of Mastercam 2D Dynamic Chaining
  • 2D Dynamic Motion
  • Mastercam to SpaceClaim Design Change
  • 3D Dynamic Motion
  • Stock Model

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