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  • 10x Faster Modeling with ANSYS SpaceClaim 2016

    We are really excited about this next release of SpaceClaim and we suspect you'll be, too.

    With the release of ANSYS SpaceClaim 2016, we leave the competition in the dust with 10x faster 3-D modeling software than any other product on the market today. As ANSYS SpaceClaim customers, you will speed up your time to market with 10x performance improvements, more tools for faster geometry creation and editing, and expanded file import and editing capabilities. See how ANSYS SpaceClaim empowers you to realize efficiency gains across your entire product workflow with enhancements in:
    • 10x Performance Improvements such as a 60% ...

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  • Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.5.0 - New Features


    Download Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.5.0

    Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.5.0 marks a major step forward in terms of post-processing.  The plot tool now features the ability to plot any output data as a function of any other.  This facilitates advanced phase diagram, mechanical advantage and frequency domain studies, and more.

    Additionally, we have added functionality that helps you analyse and compare data from multiple simulations and design iterations.  This is a valuable asset that makes it possible to evolve mechanical designs more intelligently and efficiently, and simplifies sensitivity and reliability analysis.

    Here is a brief explanation on how to use ...

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  • SneakPeak SpaceClaim 2016

    Since 2007, our mission has been to develop 3D modeling software that empowers our users with the flexibility and speed they need to work with 3D models without worrying about the underlying technology. SpaceClaim 2016 is just around the corner and is a great example of how we continue to adhere to our mission 8 years later.

    We are very excited about the next release as it includes some great new features like this Surface Skinning Tool that makes it extremely easy to reverse engineer complex geometry:

    And this new Shrinkwrap Tool for 3D printing that allows users to ensure ...

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  • New Five For Frank!

    We've made another Five For Frank video.

    Thanks again for all your questions. Keep them coming! Below are the questions Frank answers in this version of Five For Frank:

    • Why does Pull tool do so much?
    • Why did Frank get into 3D modeling software?
    • Why do IGES files import terribly?
    • Why can't have feature based and direct modeling in same system?
    • Are we still working on core SC after the acquisition of ANSYS?

    If you are interested in sending us questions for a future Five for Frank, you have a few options: email 5forfrank@spaceclaim.com; or use the hashtag #5forfrank ...

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  • ANSYS SpaceClaim 2015 Service Pack 1 Available Today

    ANSYS SpaceClaim 2015 3d modeling software

    When SpaceClaim was acquired by ANSYS in the Spring of 2014, the excitement about the future skyrocketed. The potential for new enhancements and growth into new markets suddenly became so plentiful and seemingly limitless. The beginning of this bright future came in the form of ANSYS SpaceClaim 2015, which marked the first time the ANSYS SpaceClaim brand name was applied to the software that so many users have come to love. With the branding of such a strong industry name like ANSYS, users are ensured of continued high-level performance and innovation from their 3D modeling software.

    Now almost a full ...

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  • A New 5 for Frank

    This past summer, I told you to ask me anything, and you did. Over the past few months, we've collected a ton of questions and models submitted by SpaceClaim users. They have led to great discussions, case studies and real improvements to the product. 

    I promised to take five of the most interesting questions and answer them in another video, and to keep answering them about once a quarter. You can click the image below to watch the results in our fall edition. I answer questions about SpaceClaim taking a different approach to modeling, repeatable actions, end-to-end industrial design, ...

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  • SpaceClaim Engineer is now ANSYS SpaceClaim

    You might have noticed in our 2015 release (available November 19, 2014) that our product's name changed slightly. We are transitioning from “SpaceClaim Engineer” to “ANSYS SpaceClaim.”

    Now that we are a part of the ANSYS family, we will be taking on its naming format, using the company name first, followed by the product name. 

    ANSYS SpaceClaim is the same 3D modeling software that you know and love, with quality features for machining and simulation prep, 3D printing, early concept design, and more. 

    Watch the video linked below to see some of the many fantastic new features for ...

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  • ANSYS SpaceClaim 2015 Launches Today

    It’s human nature to enjoy and take pride in our ability to overcome obstacles by bringing ideas into reality. It’s enough of a challenge to design, test and build better products without burning energy and focus fighting with the software we use to get the job done. Years ago at SpaceClaim, we set out to revolutionize the product development and manufacturing workflow. We saw that software tools were getting in the way of innovation, slowing down the process of progress and filling workflows with repeated loops back to CAD experts.

    We wanted to put the power to work in 3D ...

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  • Ask Frank (Almost) Anything

    As the VP of software development for SpaceClaim, I’ve spent much of my time talking to customers, prospects, and industry experts about what goes into our design philosophy. Over the years, these questions have run from fundamental questions about the differences between direct modeling and traditional CAD to very specific questions about the benefits of a specific feature, and everything in between.

    We make product design decisions constantly; that is a hallmark of our process.  You might think that we debate every point, or specify it to the nth degree.  We don’t. In fact, we constantly tweak functionality, making ...

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  • SpaceClaim 2014 Service Pack 2 Launches Today with Live Rendering

    We’ve been working closely with Luxion – the creators of leading rendering software solution, KeyShot – to find a way to provide our customers the ability to render photo-realistic images without having to pay an additional fee. We are excited to announce that this new functionality is available today with SpaceClaim 2014 service pack 2 (SP2)!

    As many of you already know, our goal here at SpaceClaim is to deliver solutions to the market that make 3D modeling more accessible and more useful for all engineers. KeyShot for SpaceClaim is an extension of that goal.

    Luxion specializes in advancing state-of-the-art ...

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